Fishmeal and Fish Oil

Various pelagic species are used in Havsbrún’s production of fish meal and fish oil. Havsbrún maintains exceptionally high standards with regard to the raw material used, and, thus, secures a first-class meal, oil, and feed product. The fish utilized in production is purchased from Faroese as well as foreign vessels operating in the North Atlantic.

Fish meal has a very high protein content, which makes it an ideal ingredient in feed blends for fish, poultry, pigs, and other livestock.

The fish oil produced by Havsbrún is mainly used in fish feed, but is also used in a variety of health supplements and other products.

Fish meal

Short analysis:

Our fish meal is produced form fresh fish, off-loaded at the Havsbrún facility in Fuglafjørður. Our fish meal has an exceptionally high protein content. Because of its balanced amino acid content, our fish meal is ideally suited for various types of feed blends for fish farms, poultry, pigs, and other livestock.



Standard basis 72%


Max 14%


Max 10% Min 4%


Max 3.5% as NaCl


added during production


  • Big Bags (FIBC)
  • Bulk