Smolt feed

The change from fresh water to salt water is a challenging and difficult acclimation for smolt. Vaccination, transport, and osmotic regulation are major stress factors as well. The smolt feed from Havsbrún is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of smolt and help minimize the environmental stresses they encounter.

The special nutritional needs of smolt require that the raw material for smolt feed be selected under the most stringent quality control protocols. In order to enhance the resistance and vitality of smolt, Havsbrún developed a special smolt feed that, together with vitamins, minerals, glucans, and betamin, enables smolt to quickly adapt to the stressful and demanding environmental challenges at sea.

The smolt feed from Havsbrún is obviously tasty to smolt and the high quality encourages high consumption, thus stimulating excellent growth. The protein source in the feed is fish meal and no less than 94% of the protein is from fish. Smolt feed from Havsbrún is NON GMO.