Sustainability at Havsbrún

We are supporting the growth of a responsible aquaculture industry through our commitment to produce top-quality feed, sustainably.

Everything from the careful sourcing of raw materials, to the production process takes into account performance, nutrition and sustainability. Havsbrún feed:

  • Has a high content of locally-sourced certified sustainable marine content, which we believe increases its nutritional value and is more sustainable given our unique geographic circumstances. This is all caught by Faroese, Icelandic, Danish or Norwegian boats. The origin of all our marine sources are all declared in the Ocean Disclosure Project, where you can see their sustainability rating.
  • Uses fishmeal and fish oil from fish with low-food-value and a low-market demand for direct human consumption and increasingly co-products from species fished for human consumption.
  • Only uses fish oil filtered for dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs.
  • Has comparatively low demand on freshwater and land for production than plant proteins.
  • Only uses plant proteins and oils that are certified non-GMO.
  • Only uses SPC that is Pro-Terra certified.
  • Does not use ethoxyquin.
  • Uses ingredients sourced with high supply chain transparency.
  • Is produced with the highest health and safety and sustainability standards and a meaningful socioeconomic impact for the Faroese community. Please find a list of all our certifications here: Certifications

To find out more about our commitment to sustainability, visit our parent company Bakkafrost’s sustainability pages, where you can find our policies, and our contribution to the 2023 Healthy Living Sustainability Plan.